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NEW TO THE MENU! Enjoy a small plate while you wait for the big meal.

Jerk Chicken Wings

6 chicken wings, marinated in seasonings, grilled to perfection and smothered in a choice of sauce (BBQ, jerk or sweet & spicy)


Jerk Chicken Wings image

House salad

Garden-fresh mixed greens, shredded carrots, purple cabbage and red onion. Serving with a choice of dressing


House salad image


Main plates, served with a choice of rice and vegetables. Sides may be substituted for $2.

Jerk Chicken

Freshly seasoned and grilled with flavorful island jerk sauce. Served mild, medium or spicy.


Jerk Chicken  image


Seasoned with house spices, and braised to peak tenderness


Oxtails  image

Brown Stew Fish

Bone-in red snapper, pan-fried and topped with rich, brown-stew gravy


Brown Stew Fish image

Fried Fish

Bone-in red snapper, fried until crisp and served with choice of sauce (jerk, sweet & spicy, or curry)


Salmon Filet

6oz Atlantic wild-caught steak, pan-fried until crispy. Served with a choice of sauce (jerk or sweet and spicy)


Salmon Filet image

Curry Chicken

Braised in select seasonings and stewed in rich, curry sauce. Served mild, medium or spicy


Curry Chicken image

Sweet & spicy chicken

Marinated in house-made spices and grilled to perfection. Served mild, medium, or spicy


Sweet & spicy chicken image


Each entree is served with two sides.

Spice rice

Our signature dirty rice, kosher and made fresh daily.


Spice rice image

Red beans & rice

Deliciously seasoned rice, sauteed with dark red beans


Red beans & rice image

Plain rice

Fresh steamed white rice, served with or without gravy.


Plain rice image

Mac & cheese

House-made pasta baked in whole milk cheese.


Mac & cheese image

Cabbage & carrots

Crisp cabbage, seasoned and steamed with shredded carrots.


Cabbage & carrots image

Garlic string beans

Sauteed fresh-cut green beans


Garlic string beans image

Flat bread

Unleavened bread, made fresh to order


Flat bread image


Back by popular demand. Enjoy as a snack or as a side.


Plantains image

Extra Gravy

2oz of extra sauce


Beef Patty

Spicy beef empanadas, made to order



Prepared with plant-based ingredients. No meat, no diary, no soy or gluten. Served with two sides that are primarily vegan.

Hamburger steak & gravy

Juicy steak, grilled lightly and smothered in savory, brown gravy. Served with vegan sides, side substitutes are available.



Refreshing house-made drinks, sweetened with organic sugar.

Guava-fruit punch

Freshly made guava punch, mixed with pineapple and mango juice


Guava-fruit punch image

Mango-carrot punch

Sweet and thirst-quenching, pureed carrot juice mixed with mango juice


Mango-carrot punch image

Sorrel-ginger punch

House-made tea made with hibiscus flowers, mixed with fresh ginger, and cinnamon.


Sorrel-ginger punch image

Sweet Vanilla Tea

Organic black vanilla tea.


Sweet Vanilla Tea image

Disclaimer: menu prices are subjected to change based on market prices.

Image by Robert Mathews

We offer


Let us help you turn your dreams into reality. 

We plan and design their perfect event with our customizing service. Pasches Island Soul offers alternative vegetarian and vegan options for any special dining requests and food restrictions.

We provide our customers with impeccable service to satisfy our clients’ event design. To enhance our customers' satisfaction, Pasches Island Soul catering division works closely with you to present the finest, most memorable affair ever.

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