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Our Mission

Comfort food from a healthy perpspective

Located in the heart of Downtown Augusta, GA, Pasches Island Soul is a restaurant driven by passion for comfort food. Flavors of classic soul food and the staples in Caribbean cuisine blend together seamlessly to reflects the depth, richness and vibrancy of the culinary tradition in a relaxing, classy setting.

From our jerk chicken, fried fish, mac & cheese and BBQ wings to sauteed green beans, spice rice and our home-made fruit punch, our menu is full of culinary favorites that are satisfying for lunch or dinner. We are proud to boast about never putting any additives or preservatives in our meals, or any unhealthy sugars in our drinks.  

We curate a seasonally driven menu with an emphasis of locally procured ingredients to create a flavor fusion. Our way of cooking draws inspiration from our Trinidadian background, from our family's upbringing in New York City and in Augusta. We invite you to join us and enjoy our diverse cuisine in our luxurious dining room. 

Cutting Lime
Food Garnishing Herbs

Whether Mild or Spicy,
Its All Made Fresh

We're dedicated to serving up the freshest Caribbean and Soul food around. Our dishes are bursting with bold flavors that will leave your taste buds begging for more. Whether you're in the mood for something hot and spicy or something sweet and tangy, we've got you covered. Our vegan options are just as delicious as our meat dishes, and we take pride in using only the freshest ingredients in all of our meals. Order online today and experience the best of Caribbean and Soul food in Downtown Augusta!

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