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Served with your choice of rice and vegetables
Side substitutes are up-charged $2


Oxtails 16.99

Braised, seasoned with house spices, & slowly cooked to perfection


Salmon Filet (Made to Order) 16.99

Boneless, topped with a choice of jerk OR sweet & spicy


Brown Stew Fish (Made to Order) 14.99

Fried whole fish, topped with a rich, house-made brown stew gravy

Jerk Chicken 11.99

Freshly seasoned & grilled with flavorful island spicy jerk sauce

Curry Chicken 10.99

Braised in select seasonings and simmered in rich curry sauce

Sweet & Spicy Chicken 11.79

Marinated in house spices & grilled to perfection


Mac & Cheese   4

Homemade pasta baked in whole milk cheese

Spice Rice   3

Our signature dirty rice. Kosher

Red Beans & Rice   4

Delicious rice sauteed with dark red beans

Cabbage & Carrots   3

Crisp cabbage with shredded carrots

Garlic String Beans   3

Sauteed cut green beans

Flat Bread   3

Unleavened bread, made fresh to order

Extra Gravy or Sauce .99 


Vegan Hamburger Steak & Gravy* 9.99

Juicy steak smothered in savory brown gravy. Soy and gluten free


Mango Carrot Punch $3

Sorrel Ginger Punch $3

Guava Fruit Punch $3

Sweet Vanilla Tea $2.50

*Made-to-order items require a min. 15-minute wait.
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